Feeling a bit lost in all of the technical terms of an online SSI Wallet (or thinking a what?), don't worry we understand that it can al be a bit overwelming. So we set up this glossery to help you allong.

Root Property Scope Description
schema person.birthPlace schema.person.birthPlace The place where the person was born
schema person.birthDate schema.person.birthday Date of birth
schema person.address schema.person.address Physical address of the person
schema person.telephone schema.person.telephone The telephone number
schema Email address
schema person.givenName schema.person.given_name Given name. In the U.S., the first name of a Person
schema person.familyName schema.person.family_name Family name. In the U.S., the last name of a Person
schema person.image schema.person.image An image of the person. This can be a URL or a fully described ImageObject
schema person.taxID schema.person.taxID The tax identifier for a person (also know as social security number) e.g. the TIN in the US, the CIF/NIF in Spain or BSN in The Netherlands.
schema person.educationalCredential schema.person.educationalCredential An educational or occupational credential. A diploma, academic degree, certification, qualification, badge, etc., that may be awarded to a person that meets the requirements defined by the credentialer. For example a nursing diploma or EHBO certificate
schema organization.vatID schema.organization.vatID The Value-added Tax ID of the organization or person. e.g. BTW Number in The Netherlands
special n.v.t force Allows an application to force authentication
special n.v.t factor Allows an application to force two or three factor authentication
special n.v.t mailing_list Allows an application to add a user to mailings lists and/or send emails
special n.v.t phone_list Allows an application to add a user to phone lists and/or send text messages
special n.v.t dossier This scope allows you to create dossiers to your contracts
special n.v.t contract Allows an applications to provide contracts to a user
special n.v.t assent Allows an application to provide assentsto a user
special n.v.t notification Allows an application to recieve updates when a user changes there data
special n.v.t single_sign_on Allows an application to single sign on functionality assentsto a user