ID-Vault for organizations

There are two main roles for organisations on the id-vault platform. The first and most common is varivier, a verivier is an organisation that uses user data for example for login purposes. The second roel is issuer, an organization that provides user data, for example the users phone number. In practice most issuers als also valiators.


Becoming a verifier
Get your user data from id-vault.

To use het id-vault user data you have to set up a user account and activate the developers portal in that account. You can than add or join organisation and set up applications. Once you setup an application you can follow the simple tutorial to set up you id-vault login, or download one of our plugins for your framework or cms.

Becoming an issuer.
Present your data to id-vault.

Every organisation that is an verifier is automatically also a level 1 issuer (read more about levels of trust here), the only thing you need to do to become an issuer is actually issue some data. You can read the simple tutorial on that here.


Fair, simple pricing for all.

Our pricing model is build around the concept of privacy by design, that means that we actively reward developers who take care to ask as little acces as possible and discourage asking acces to large amounts of data. In other words it pays to to be specific.


with fair use

OAuth user authentication

OpenID Connect

Basic user information

Plugins for wordpress, symfony and others

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Data usage
0,01 /mo

per scope

All user information

Pay per scope not per request

Set it up!

What is fair use?

Fair use is a rather felxible concept of cource, right know we set the fair use cap at a 1000 authentication a year. But we mght increase that at latter point


How are scopes calculated?

We calculate usage by the total amount of all scopes that you requested to all users, so you pay for the right to acces data not the amount of times that you accces it. read more.


How do I set up a paid acount?

Quite easaly, you simply add payment details to your organisation account.


What plugins do you offer?

We currently offer plugins for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo 3, Symfony, Zend and a general PHP libary.


Earning money.
Euh, yeah.......

It is of course perfectly possible to provide additional services to id-vault users, in fact we specifically designed the claim and proof structure of data to provide that option. The most obvious route would be to provide proof (For example a proof of income for a users mortgage request).

Do you are free to charge users money for your id-vault service there are some small legal caveats, so please read our terms and conditions carefully.

You can read some more tips and tricks on earning money with id-vault here.

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