Your data belongs to you, lets take it back.

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The hub for your online identity.

id-vault gives you an unprecedented amount of control on your personal data, it combines the widely accepted engineering under the famous login with google or facebook buttons with the exciting technology of blockchain wallets.


Own your own data

On the id-vault platform you own your data, not us, not some big social firm, not the site’s you visit but you are the owner and master.


Widely accepted login

id-vault support both OAuth and OpenId Connect allowing you to login to over a thousand websites without creating accounts there.


Share access instead of data

Allow applications to look into your data “wallet” instead of transfering the data to them, keeping a firm grasp on who has what.


See who access your data

View detailed logs on which organization and application accessed what part of your dataset and for what reason.

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Control your own data

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